Summer Book Study! Number Sense Routines

I’m exited for my first Summer book study!  I will be looking at the book, Number Sense Routines.  The book is written by Jessica Shumway.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to this book by my literacy coach this past year.  We had the opportunity to learn and practice a lot of the routines in this book.  I was thrilled to learn each one and no kidding they were all…..ahhhh haaaa moments!  Although, I was introduced to most of the routines I wanted to set up some form of a schedule as to when I would introduce each routine, how many day we would work on that given routine {given that there are several great routines and you can’t do each one every day}.

So, I decided to work through all of my questions with you guys!  Fun huh? 🙂

My insight on number sense
When I would hear the words ‘number sense’ I would think to myself…”sure, they have number sense…they do know their numbers 0-20!”  However, that is far from what number sense actually is!  Below is a little information regarding this book from the publisher, Stenhouse Publishers.

Just as athletes stretch their muscles before every game and musicians play scales to keep their technique in tune, mathematical thinkers and problem solvers can benefit from daily warm-up exercises. Jessica Shumway has developed a series of routines designed to help young students internalize and deepen their facility with numbers. The daily use of these quick five-, ten-, or fifteen-minute experiences at the beginning of math class will help build students’ number sense.

Students with strong number sense understand numbers, ways to represent numbers, relationships among numbers, and number systems. They make reasonable estimates, compute fluently, use reasoning strategies (e.g., relate operations, such as addition and subtraction, to each other), and use visual models based on their number sense to solve problems. Students who never develop strong number sense will struggle with nearly all mathematical strands, from measurement and geometry to data and equations.

In Number Sense Routines, Jessica shows that number sense can be taught to all students. Dozens of classroom examples — including conversations among students engaging in number sense routines — illustrate how the routines work, how children’s number sense develops, and how to implement responsive routines.

Additionally, teachers will gain a deeper understanding of the underlying math — the big ideas, skills, and strategies children learn as they develop numerical literacy.

Here are a couple of videos from the author, Jessica Shumway!

I LOVED when she mentioned creating a learning community where mistakes are not only okay, but are welcomed as a learning experience!  That goes along exactly with perseverance {more on that this Summer!}

I plan to start with Chapter One on Tuesday, June 11th!  If you’re interested in joining this book party be sure to link up below.  If you don’t have a blog be sure to follow my blog by email.  That way you don’t miss any posts!

Find this image on the right hand of the screen!

For additional Number Sense reading click this detailed post!

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