Summer Conferences!

Oh yeah nothing better than Summer!  I love my job and I l-o-v-e Summer!  This Summer has been quite a hit so far.  I am forcing myself to wake up early by attending 8:00 gym classes!  I have been allowing myself to work on school work for a set time each evening, otherwise I would miss out on the sunshine and this nice tan I’m working on!  In order to stay on task or pretty close I make a daily ‘to do’ and post it as my desktop!  This way I feel a little guilty as a log onto Facebook instead of doing what I really should be!

The rest of my summer does get even more exciting!!  My great teacher buddy and I leave for good ‘ole Las Vegas July 9th!  We are very excited to be attending the I Teach K conference! I can’t wait to get new ideas to make my classroom the best it can be!  We will be attending sessions for three days and even seeing Deanna Jump!  I know she doesn’t think she’s a superstar but she really is! While in Vegas we will also be attending a fabulous blogger meet up- can’t wait for this!  I will be sure to share many new ideas with you when I return!

Do you want to attend too?  Yes! Yes!  Click the green button to visit the site!

After our Vegas trip I am headed to Union, MO about an hour away from my hometown.  My teaching buddy and I are going to a Whole Brain Teaching Conference for 2 days!  I have never had official training in Whole Brain Teaching, but tried a few of their strategies at the end of last year and saw a great improvement within my class.    If you have never heard of it (like me about 6 months away)  I will attach this youtube video.  It was circulating on Pinterest and that’s where I first found Whole Brain Teaching!  This teacher is FAB click to her other videos to see more. 

Whole Brain Teaching has these adorable class rules:
Rule #1: Follow Directions Quickly
Rule #2: Raise your hand for permission to speak
Rule #3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
Rule #4: Make Smart Choices
Rule #5: Keep your dear teacher happy

I would love to hear from you if you participate in Whole Brain Teaching in your class or what your think!  The best part about the program is that almost everything is free or very reasonably priced!  Click below to view their website.


  1. Hi!!! Lucky! I would love to go to the I Teach K conference! My teaching buddy is going to the I Teach First conference in Chicago! How fun!
    I went to a WBT conference last summer for 4 days and I learned SO much! Chris Biffle is GREAT!
    All last year, I used WBT in my first grade SEI classroom! It is AMAZING! I love it! I have a cute video with the rules on my blog! Check it out!
    I would love to post more blog posts on WBT… I have a few though!

    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  2. Tara, you will love the workshops! Chris and Jay presented two summers in a row at the West Plains High School, only 45 minutes from my home! I enjoyed both days each time, and learned so many tricks for keeping those little brains engaged. We use a lot of the resources from the WBT website too. My kids love Super Speed 100!
    Have fun!
    Maggie’s Kinder Corner

  3. I am also attending the WBT conference with two of my teammates in MO! I am so excited to start WBT in my first grade classroom! It is so awesome that the conference is free! Enjoy your summer! I just discovered your blog and I love it!

  4. Tara,
    I use Whole Brain Teaching in my classroom EVERYDAY! My kids actually lead most of the calendar without me. I used a video on my Ipad at my last interview and it floored my new principal. All of their conferences are free!!!! What a blessing to a teacher's budget.

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