Take Back Your Weekends: August/September

Hi there!  As I sat down to write this post my husband popped his head in and said, “Hey, it’s your last night of freedom!”  How rude! LOL!  I think he is excited for me to get back to work so he doesn’t see me sleeping in everyday! 🙂  Today I wanted to pop in and share with you a few of my favorite activities that are in my August/September Teachers Taking Back Their Weekends packet.  I know I will be more than happy to get my weekends back!
This has been by far my favorite packet to create!  I’ll show you in the pictures below.  Each activity mentioned is IN the packet!

Above are adorable certificates that I will be handing out to my kiddos on the first day of Kindergarten!  In the packet you can also choose “my first week.” 

We all know that in Kindergarten we will be spending quite a bit of time reviewing or often times introducing students on what it means to “do their jobs.”  This adorable easy reader also has matching color sheets!

In Kindergarten we learn about our Abc’s and 123’s but first we learn how to use our school supplies!  Below are a few cutting practice pages.

Cutting and gluing….

We even spend some time talking about how we color within the lines.  For each of these supply practice pages I list a “look what I can do” statement at the bottom of the page for parents.  I think it is so crucial, especially at the beginning of the year, to introduce parents into the skills we are learning and why!

We always spend a week before jumping into the alphabet learning all about strokes!  I have some excited plans for teaching strokes which I will share soon!

You will also snag this adorable first day poem for your kiddos!

Below is a quick look at all of the math and literacy centers found in the August packet as well!  I will explain them in detail in an upcoming post!  You can see a snap shot of each….

Again, ALL of the above mentioned activities can be found in my August taking back weekends packet!  You can view the packet below as well as the bundle you can find the packet in too!  

Save with the bundle…

Have a great day and we shall enjoy our last moments of summer! 😀


  1. Haha – My husband is also excited to see me go back to work so I'm spending the day sleeping in! He'll still have to get up first though. I really like the idea of teaching strokes before teaching the alphabet. I am a pull out teacher and will generally do some supplemental activities based on the letter of the week(in addition to my own curriculum), but until my K teachers start a letter of the week I do just general alphabet work. I can't wait to hear more about this.

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