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Hey there friends! Teacher confession time: a couple years ago during the 2014-2015 school year I spent nearly EVERYDAY in my classroom preparing it for the new year!  I switched all of my primary colors for BRIGHTS!  This summer has kind of been the complete opposite!  We actually moved 30 minutes away from my hometown/school town and I have went to my classroom only a handful of times. However, before we moved I spent about a week in my room and thankfully the custodians had the floors completed.  So…………my room is pretty much put together, but a room is never finished, riggggghttt?  I have to get back up there soon to tiddy up and get ready for those sweet little kinders!

Alright, up first is my favorite part of the room…my library.  Now I moved away from the cozy little nook and went to an “open” concept library.  However, this new library seems just as cozy! The colorful books tubs are from Really Good Stuff. I have organized all of my library books using Maria’s library labels. The bright and fun lamp is from Lowe’s.

My student book tubs are on the taller black shelf.  That black shelf is from Walmart.  
Love, love, love these labels!  

Another view of the classroom library.

I snagged this bear a few years ago at Dollar General and I just love him lol!  It always looks like he is for real smiling haha…I might have thought Corduroy was a nonfiction book as a kid ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also have my “Meet Mrs. West” book an update!  I’ve shared with you before my adorable giraffe tissue holder but he’s too cute and deserves another share!  I purchased him from Ebay.  The bright Kindergarten sign is a freebie from Nicole and Eliceo found here.

These pictures were some last minute finds!  I knew I needed something and I stumbled across these online at Hobby Lobby!  I so didn’t know you could order online with them, but you can! ๐Ÿ™‚

And moving towards the left of my room is my smartboard and “go to” cart!  I display our alphabet poster, anchor charts, and load/hide important “stuff” in the back ๐Ÿ™‚

Further left is my computer cart, filing cabinet, and another large bookcase!  This bookcase holds my math centers {the numbered tubs} and math manipulatives {bottom tubs}.

Last year I hung my WBT classroom rules posters on my blinds, but this year I decided to frame them and place on the window seal!  These adorable posters are a freebie from Amy Groesbeck and can be found here.

I also have my little Pete the Cat corner {who can live without Pete?}, my Leap Frog obsession, problem of the day jar, and my new yoga pretzels set!

I also place my stone jar on top of the bookcase!  You can grab this freebie label along with marble jar here!

Moving on to a new wall!  On this wall I have my calendar set up where students can easily set at the carpet and face the calendar “head on.”   Below you can see a closer look at my entire calendar board.  It has a lot of add-on’s as the year progresses!  Also, the 10 clips for 1 day of school was for a visual on where to place it..I think I better fix that haha!

The calendar is from Carson Delossa and can be found here!  I used command hooks to hang each calendar piece.  I cut off the “tail” of each strip so that it would be hanging too!  Below are my specials’ cards!  You can download them here.

 It’s hard to tell in the picture below, but this is actually a faux whiteboard.  It is contact paper over the old and green chalkboard.  Our new whiteboards are coming soon, but I needed a quick fix for back to school!  I hung up my fish tank which also doubles as our daily depositor and our pattern of the month icon!  I hot glued the borders and then added the new student work displays!  I will explain the student displays in FULL detail in their own post…very soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

And another view….

You’ll notice that below this board is my organic number line!  I believe in this cheap and easy display so so so much!  The number line is very effective and the students are able to partake in the activities therefore being engaged!  I have blabbed about it thoroughly here!

Below is the view above this board!  These are also from Maria and they can be found here!

Sticking with the same wall…you’ll find my student cubbies!

I also have placed command hooks near the door for my hallway learning tools!  We are always learning in K, right?  Also, don’t mind that they are not straight…nothing I do is straight..if you saw something that was straight my husband most likely did it! HA!

Sorry for the blurry picture…but you can grab these free labels here!

Alright, for a new view!  This view shows my “work” area.  I utilize all of the shelves and cabinets…disguising two of the shelves with curtains.  You can see I have a handy-dandy paper organizer..this is where I keep random-ness in the first column and then the current and following week of need worksheets, etc for the class.

I also have my stash of Leap Frog Letter Factory dvds.  I told you I love l Leap Frog ๐Ÿ™‚  I purchased a class set this year…first time ever.  I’m excited to see what wonderful things we can accomplish with Leap Frog by our side!

Above the cabinets are Maria’s ten frames…find them here.

Now moving to a new wall…this picture shows my little sink area and a few more cabinets!

This little teacher area is also brand new this year…and it comes in a second close with the library!  The taller black shelf is also from Walmart and can be found here.

I have organized a tub for each month to hold my “teacher reads” for the month!

This upcoming school year I have switched out the seasonal tags to these unit tags to match my KinderLiteracy units!  I grabbed these labels HERE.

I also have all of my close reads organized along with math manipulatives using Cara’s Chalk One Up packet!

Another favorite…this picture is also from Hobby Lobby.  Find is here!

Here is another shot including the most adorable clip chart!  I know, I know…I’ve read the posts pleading not use clip charts. However, it works in my classroom so until it is no longer effective …it stays! ๐Ÿ™‚  Find this adorable clip chart here!

Below is my little Daily Five station…the top four baskets are my listening to read baskets.  Below the next three baskets are my work on writing baskets and the bottom row baskets are for work on writing!

The bottom row is for classroom supplies…

A quick look at student supplies..instead of chair pockets my kiddos will be keeping their crayon boxes in these tubs!

A look at my word wall.  You can grab the freebie labels here!

I also snagged these adorable picture icons!  Miss Kindergarten offers them here!

Learning targets!  Thanks so much to Kaci Hoffer for helping me out in the vinyl department…I know nothing about it ๐Ÿ™‚

Above the board are my shapes…also from Maria!  Find those here.

Alright, the last view is out the door..haha!!  This area is the last bit that needs a little face lift.  I have become obsessed with the mounted photos from Walmart.  I am thinking of mounting our classroom picture and hanging it above the door ๐Ÿ™‚

Sprucing up the door with border!
I also wanted to share these adorable birdie locker tags! I rocked the same crayon boxes for two years so it was time for an update!

And here is a look at the back/front of my classroom…my teacher table!  

I used these labels to label each of my guided reading boxes!

Here is one more updated look at my room for the 2015-2016 school year!  Last year my brother in law made me this custom shelf to fit the length of my room!  At the end of I have a spot for our computer and a LOT of storage for all of our “toys.”  I loaded it up with some bright Really Good Stuff baskets! My brother in law isn’t the best about putting things into teacher lingo but he did make me this “plan” for the shelves…hopefully you can find someone smart to understand it for you! HA! You can download it HERE.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  There is nothing better than a beautiful, put in place classroom. We know that it won’t last long though haha!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be back soon with meet the teacher ideas! Have a great year!  Also, if you didn’t snag the freebie labels above you can download them by clicking below!


  1. Hi Tara, I love love love your classroom! Everything is so bright and cheery! Where did you get your green round and rectangular math tubs? I'm always looking for tubs to organize.

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