Teaching Shapes in Kindergarten!

Hey friends!  Super excited to be blogging about our latest happenings in the classroom! Ev-er-y night I tell myself I MUST blog, but yeah you know life usually has other plans!  I love sharing ideas because I am so thankful for all of the ideas I’ve found from other great teachers like yourselves 🙂  I tend to want to explain every last detail so that’s what usually delays my timely posts…so here it goes!

We started our shape unit right after Christmas break.  Something new this year was that we introduced 3-D shapes first.  Sure we have talked about shapes, but did not have the “real” shape talk until after break.  We follow Math in Focus and they pace out 3D shapes first.  To be honest I was completely surprised and really doubted that this would be successful.  However, like always I was excited to give it a try and I trust that my team of great teachers can always pull our “we know best” card if necessary.  I knew I should have never doubted, because these little ones never let me down.  Of course, they excelled right away with the 3D shapes and actually have picked them up way faster then any other year.  Could it be that we introduced them first…maybe?  Or, it could be that they are just awesome like that 😛

I will try to explain any and all activities we did and of course like always never leave you hanging as to where I got it and where you can snag it too!

The first day of the unit I began introducing 3D shapes by showing the kiddos real world objects that represent 3D shapes.  I had a party hat, cylinder, ball, and a dot cube.  I also had my standard wooden 3 shapes.  I sported the party hat for the remainder of the lesson and that always seem to be the one they remember most HA!  Also, I informed the kiddos to ask their parents if they can jump in the spheres the next time they are at Burger King. We also charted our 3D shape attributes.

The below shape poster ideas as well as MANY other fantastic shape ideas come from The KindergartenKindergarten blog!  A must view for shape ideas as well as many others! 🙂 She offers excellent shapes idea like journaling, problem solving, a 3D shape museum, and more.

We spent a couple of days on just basic introduction to 3D shapes.  We then moved on to solid verse flat surfaces and looking at the flat surfaces of 3D shapes.


On this day the students traced flat surfaces of the 3D shapes so they could determine what flat shape  of each 3d shape, if one.

We also used our 3D shapes to see which shapes could roll, stack, and slide.  This is another awesome idea from KindergartenKindergarten.  The students worked collarbortively to determine which shapes could do each.  They tested their shapes using a “ramp.”  KindergartenKindergarten also provides the great recording sheet as well.

The following activity comes from a great K-1 geometry resource, Getting Into Geometry!  You can click below to view the book.

In this activity students had shapes they had to experiment with in combination to see if they could be stacked.  The kiddos were able to use hands on exploration skills as well as making educated guesses ahead of time as to what would work and what would not.


Continuing with flat shapes the kiddos used pattern blocks to fill in pattern block puzzles.  These puzzles came from Investigations.  I did not teach Investigations as it was transitioned out the year I started.  However, the veteran teachers had great instinct as what to keep for future use.  


We also took the time for a classroom shape exploration.  The students were able to find items within our classroom that represented each shape.   They then colored those items into the shape on their papers.  Their ideas were endless….after all shapes make up everything!

As a cumulative acitivty the kiddos will be writing about and describing each 3D shapes.  I think it is very important that students are able to explain what they’ve learned within their own words.  I feel that I am the same about learning new things…I love to take notes, write lists because it helps with my memory in so many ways!

These 3D shape sheets are PERFECT for that.  You can download them as a freebie from KindergartenKindergarten as well.

Also, you can’t leave a unit without a little fun…these adorable shape penguins are a freebie from the creative Miss Kindergarten Love!  They went along perfect with our shapes unit and our penguin close read {more on this later at the end of the week}.

No learning experience is complete without some videos…here are our favorites!

Below are a view 2D and 3D shape extras!

Freebie 2D shape hunt and Building with 3D shapes practice pages/assessments.

I also have a couple of shape packets if you are needing posters or quick activities!
Click below to view the packets on TpT!

Have a great remainder of your week!  I will be back soon with our latest close read! 


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