Teen Number Fun! {freebies}

It’s back to school…we had Friday off for conferences and Monday was a professional development day!  This week is an exciting one in Math!  We start teen numbers this week!  As challenging as they can be ….teen numbers are a lot of fun to teach!  Have you seen this video?  I’m sure you have, but I have to share anyway!

This one is a hit too!!

This week we will begin working with Rekenreks!!  This is a first so I’m super excited to share!  My teaching buddy and I learned about making our own this Summer in Vegas with Shari Sloane.  I had been using number bracelets for Numbers to 10- which is great!  However, I think the Rekenrek displays a better understanding for teen numbers!

Here’s a picture of the Rekenrek!

Step by step instructions:

– At Lowes, Menards, etc go to the vertical blinds section.  Purchase a package of replacement blinds.  Mine were $10.

-Ask the associate to cut your blinds in 10 inch
-Drill holes into the blinds using a standard power
drill (My husband did this part for me!!)

-Purchase elastic from the sewing section. 
Also, purchase plastic beads- It’s best to stick with 2 solid colors.

-String the elastic through the holes adding the beads, tie off in the back.

you have any additional questions?  Feel
free to email me at ta******@ho*****.com
– anytime!!! 🙂

The back of the Rekenrek:

Along with working hands on we are also going to do practice sheets that go along with each of the numbers!  See examples below and scroll down for free downloads!

Rekenrek Mat

You can use bingo chips, blocks, etc to display the number.  This is perfect if you are unable to make the actual rekenreks…or place this into a math center!

Click the photo for the freebie download!!
Practice Sheets!  See below for download!
Click for the practice sheets freebie download!
Dot Cards!!
I know that I have shared these before but I LOVE them! My students are gaining so much knowledge because of these cards!  If you’re interested click {here} to view on TpT!
Do you have these bad boys?  My students that need extra support with numbers use these daily!  They have made a better connection to using the ten frames as a resource rather than the number line!
Found these little cuties as a freebie on Tpt!  Perfect fit for the week!  Click {here} to view the Freebie on Tpt!!
I hope you have very fun & sale Halloween!  My store with my on sale 20% off until Wednesday, October 31st!  Click the photo below to visit my store 🙂


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