Thanksgiving Feast & Christmas Freebies!

Hey friends!  Today was my first Thanksgiving feast!  It was a blast and the whole time I was asking myself why I had never done it before?  The kids had an awesome time as well!

How we celebrated:

I covered the tables in paper, laid out their hats/collars {see more below}, left out raisins & juice, and markers for later

Our hates came from {this} adorable packet from a Year of Many First,  I had the students color their hats and then we attached them to sentence strips.  The girls wore pilgrim collars.  Now maybe I am not the original inventor of this idea, but I thought it up in Target!  I purchased large 15 x 17 Vanity Fair napkins.  I folded them over and cut out a whole for the head.  They turned out pretty cute AND they were simple- the best part!

After we cleaned up our food the students used their marks to make Native American hieroglyphics on their table covering.  At the end of the day I cut out their section so they could take it home and share with their parents!

What we munched on?

Summer Sausage
Cheese Cubes
Pumpkin Bread and…
Apples Juice

This past week we also made these adorable Scarecrows from Miss Kindergarten Love.


Not sure about you, but I can barely get through Thanksgiving and my mind has already switched full gears to Christmas!  I posted about these two awesome freebies over at Freebielicious!  They are easy to implement and work great to assess student knowledge!

The first freebie is a /s/ and /e/ beginning sound sort & corresponding recording sheet.

The below freebie is a Christmas fluency review packet!  I send this home with my students over Christmas break because we benchmark test soon after we return from break.

                                      This packet covers LNF, LSF, NWF, and PSF.

I also recently bundled my Take Home Review Packets!  Click below to check those out!

Have a BLESSED Thanksgiving and shop safely 😉

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