Thanksgiving Freebies & Word Work!

Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving?  We have Monday and Tuesday only this week!  So excited for a recharging break!  I shared with you a few of my word work ideas earlier in the week, but here’s my word work options for this short week & the following week.
Word Work Basket #1

With our reading series Journeys we introduce 1 new letter each week.  I like to incorporate that letter into the Daily 5 word work baskets!  You can see I am still using the magnetic alphabetical order cookie sheet game, sorting capital vs lowercase letter Nn.  I also placed the letter Nn practice sheets into this basket.  The activity at the top of the picture are my sentence decoders!  I LOVE this activity.  The student must first read the sentence, decode the word inside the box, and place the matching picture in the box.  So many skills in 1 activity.  See below for links.
Letter Sorting freebie mat- click {here}
Letter Practice Sheets- click {here}
Cookie Sheet Activities- click {here}
Sentence Decoders- click {here}
Work Work Basket #2
Again, cookie sheet ABC order, Build a CVC word with magnetic letters, and letter Nn Alphabet Superheros roll a cube race {Growing Kinders}.  The build a word mats are from my Word Work Super Pack 2!
Word Work Basket #3
In this basket I have a couple of activities I have used before.  I simply change out the puzzle pieces for the CVC sheet and place new sight words in for the Word, Build, Write activity!
I have several activities within each basket to give the students plenty to do.  I don’t want to overwhelm them, but they need enough material to last 12-15 minutes.
Lastly,  here are a couple of simple Thanksgiving freebies!  We are currently working on adjectives and descriptive sentences.  So, on the first sheet the student writes 1 adjective in each box and completes the sentence using the 2 adjectives.  Click the photo to download the freebie!
I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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