The BEST bundle for 2020!

Hey there and happy Monday! If you are back in the classroom this week then I am wishing you only great vibes! I wanted to pop in super quick and share with you a bundle I recently released!

This bundle is on sale at an amazing 75% off discount so I wanted to make sure everyone had an opportunity to “see” it and decide if it would be something you’d like to get your hands on!

Over the summer I released my first VIP bundle! This bundle was HUGE with well over 10,000 pages and 32 packets! Teachers absolutely LOVED this bundle and described it as “Christmas” each month when they would get new (and free) packets added! Teachers asked that I offer a second VIP bundle for the second half of the year! I loved this idea but also wanted to make sure I could make this bundle a little more feasible for teachers! I decided to lower the size of the bundle so that I could make it SUPER affordable!

This ALL-NEW and second VIP bundle contains 10 packets and is super affordable at $20. The bundle will contain $90-100 in packets so you’re getting it at 75+% off by snagging it now! The bundle already contains 2,000 pages in material so you are for sure getting a big BANG for your buck! This bundle averages out to just $2 per packet! The two packets that are included now are $25 and $10… that means you are already in the green by $15!

Below you will find the 10 packets (and their descriptions) that will be included in this all NEW bundle!

1. Seasonal Fine Motor Mats (A set of all new [clip art] fine motor mats offered for multiple hands-on manipulatives [poms, cubes, beads, dough] for the 4 seasons.) **INCLUDED NOW**

2. The CVC Curriculum (A comprehensive 10 week CVC curriculum for short vowels.) **INCLUDED NOW**

3Phonetic Misconceptions Packet (A set of centers and practice sheets for working on common phonetic misconceptions in reading and writing.)

4. Differentiated Reading Routines (A set of teacher led, class led, and independent student led decodable reading passages.)

5. Aligned ELA Center Mats (A set of differentiated ELA aligned center mats covering the phonics standards.)

6. Word Builders Packet (A set of centers and practice sheets for word building [cvc, cvce, blends, and digraphs] skills.)

7. Addition and Subtraction within 20 Packet (A set of INSTANT practice sheets and centers for working on addition/subtraction within and addition/subtraction within 5, 10, and 20.)

8. KinderRewind (A set INSTANT kindergarten review skill sheets for ELA and math. [Sheets not marked ‘kinder’ for preschool/first grade use.)

9Sentences Puzzlin’ It (A set of Puzzlin’ Sentences for decodable sentence reading.)

10. Box It Up Sheets (A set of differentiated phonics word writing sheets.)

Again, a lot of teachers describe my VIP bundles as “Christmas” each month! On February 1st, March 1st, and April 1st you will get 2 packets from the list above! You will also receive the two bonus packets (Box it up sheets and Sentence Puzzlin) during this time frame! Those packets will be added FOR FREE each month so once you buy the VIP bundle for $20 you never have to pay again for the 10 packets listed above!

Up next I will share with you two of the packets already included! Again, these two packets value at $35 and the VIP2 only costs $20 right now so you are already in the positive on savings!!!

Let’s chat The CVC Curriculum!

The CVC Curriculum offers 10 weeks of engaging and hands-on material for a total of 50 scripted lessons. However, the material can easily be expanded over a longer academic period. The idea of The CVC Curriculum is you can completely transform your phonics teaching with FUN and engaging, yet still rigorous, lessons. The CVC Curriculum is completely comprehensive, so the only thing you’ll need to add in is a few hands-on items/manipulatives!

What is included in The CVC Curriculum?

*View a detailed preview video of this program HERE*

  • Detailed lesson plans (5 lessons per week – 50 total)
  • 50 daily printables (CVC worksheets)
  • 50 daily interactive notebook sheets
  • 50 Aligned center mats
  • 10 phonics decodable poems
  • 10 phonics decodable books
  • 10 phonics songs (offered in two versions) **Song tunes HERE**
  • 10 phonics sorts (offered in two versions)
  • CVC (color-coded) word cards
  • Word and sentence pocket chart build cards
  • Phonics decoding strips/cards
  • Phonics “Hot Potato” games
  • Short vowel centers (10 included)
  • Short Vowel Hands-On Tasks (10 included)

Center Mats – 50 center mats are included in this program

Hands-On Centers – There are 10 hands on tasks/centers included

Centers– There are 10 included CVC centers inlcuded

Again, the CVC curriculum is $25 OR you can get the entire VIP bundle for $20 and get 9 additional FREE packet… YUP! It really is that amaaaazing!

Now let’s chat the Seasonal INSTANT Fine Motor Mats!

This packet is designed to offer an engaging and FUN way to explore using a variety of manipulatives! This packet can be used to strengthen fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills, explore during morning work or used as early finisher activities. The packet includes 320 mats. The mats are each designed to maximize student engagement and offer a chance for students to show their creativity. Each design is offered in 4 mats: pom poms, pony beads, cubes, and dough.

What mats are included?

– 80 pom pom mats
– 80 pony bead mats
– 80 cube mats
– 80 dough mats

What supplies are used for the INSTANT Seasonal Hands-On Explore Mats packets?

  • Pom poms
  • Pony beads
  • Cubes
  • Dough

This packet as a stand-alone packet is $10! You can snag the entire VIP2 bundle for $20 which includes this packet and 9 additional FREE packets!

If you are interested in snagging my new VIP2 bundle you can do so by clicking HERE or the image below! This VIP2 bundle will again grow to 10 packets through the remainder of this school year! I hope you (and your kiddos) love this bundle as much as I do! If you have any questions about this bundle feel free to comment below or reach out directly to: li******************@gm***.com

If you would like to stay updated on when the additional packets are added and/or sneak peeks… be sure to follow along with the Little Minds at Work Facebook group HERE!

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