The Early Finisher

Hello!  Hello!  I wanted to stop in and share with you how I’m keeping my little early finishers busy!  My students always have a few options when it comes to what to do once they are finished.  They can read from their book tubs, work on something from their cubby that wasn’t finished, or work in their “busy bee journals.”

The busy bee journals come my from new Early Finisher packet!

I had all of the pages sent off to the copy center and made into these cute little journals!  It would also work great placed loose leaf into a folder.

I have included several easy to use and kid friendly pages.  Each page has a direction box with an example for the students to look at.  I have had very few questions on what to do from my students.  The only questions I get are asking what a picture is! 🙂

Below are some snap shots from my kiddos’ journals!

Story Starter

I see the silly monkey.

CVC Practice

Students use the example box and write each missing sound.

Use the example box and circle nouns for animals.

Below is a list of the pages included in the packet!

Pages Included:

-journal covers {2 pages}
-“write in” missing sounds for CVC Words {5 pages}
-digraph practice sheets; ch-th-sh-wh-ph {8 pages}
-additional ELA practice sheets; nouns, verb, adjectives, sight words, CVC, nonsense/real words, & more {14 pages}
-writing picture prompts {10 pages}
-ABC journal writing templates {26 pages}
-additional writing templates {2 pages}
-math practice sheets; spotting differences, comparing size/weight/length, missing addends, addition, more/less, before/ after & more {14 pages}

If you are interested in the packet you can view it by clicking below!  The packet will be on sale for 20% through Saturday, November 23rd!

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