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Writing Center
Thanks so much for joining me today! We are going to talk all things… INSTANT WRITING CENTER. I absolutely love the writing center or work on writing for daily five! However, it can be TOUGH finding appropriate material to replenish the writing center each week/month. After you swap out the material then you have a new dilemma– teaching the sheet so that the students will be able to do it independently.  That’s when I decided to tackle these two issues and create my new writing center! My new INSTANT writing center offers MATERIAL on MATERIAL… you will never run short! I also use the same 5 activities for each theme! That means you’ll just need to teach the 5 activities ONE TIME and then you’re S-E-T! Below I will be sharing more about the writing center! I will also be sharing a  giveaway!

Writing Center
Writing Center

What is included in the INSTANT Writing Center?

– 660 word cards (6 word cards per 90 themes)
– 5 activity posters (2 sizes available)
– 110 center theme display posters
– 3,800 activity sheets (346 pages per month)
– Start Up Guide

What makes the INSTANT writing center so unique?

This writing centers rocks SIMPLISTIC BLISS! What does that mean? This packet allows you to teach the 5 activities and then have them simply repeat for each theme! This allows you TIME that you are not repeating directions each month!

Writing center

Watch a video of the writing center below!


The Thematic Writing Center includes word cards and independent writing sheets for the entire school year. Each month covers ten themes for a total of 110 themes. The themes can be interchanged between any months. The themes are independent of one another and can be swapped to fit your needs.

Writing Center

Each theme has 6 word cards for a total of 660 word cards. The cards can be displayed for students to access. Along with the word cards, each theme comes with twelve activities. The twelve activities are repeated for every theme so that the task only has to be taught once.

Writing Center
Below you can see the writing center set-up a bit closer!

Writing Center

Writing Center

The writing center covers 110 THEMES!

September: Apples, School, Transportation, Fairy Tales, School Helpers, Park, Family, Feelings, School Supplies, School Subjects

October: Halloween, Fall Animals, Fire Safety, Owls, Fall, Pumpkins, Jungle Animals, Three Little Pigs, Three Little Bears, Three Billy Goats

November: Thanksgiving, Native Americans, Then and Now, Scarecrows, Veteran’s Day, Maps & Globes, Community, Harvest, Reptiles, Mammals

December: Reindeer, Gingerbread, Christmas, Holidays, Needs, 5 Senses, Polar Express, Winter, Colors, Manners

January: New Year, Arctic Animals, Snow, Bears, Winter Sports, Woodland Animals, Hibernation, The Mitten, Penguins, MLK

February: Dental Health, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Germs, My Body, Friendship, Groundhog’s Day, Castles and Kings, Western, Travel

March: St. Patrick’s, Dinosaurs, Moon, Snakes, Spring, Pond, Pets, Construction, Exercise, Healthy Food

April: Easter, Frogs, Butterflies, Plants, Weather, Farm, Bugs, Space, Ponies, Chickens

May: Zoo, Ocean, Community, Pirates, Beach, Summer, Bedtime, Koalas, Picnic, Camping


  1. Writing Center

What activities are included in the writing center?

Just a reminder that these FIVE activities are replicated for all 110 THEMES!

The following activities are included for each of the 90 themes. Each of these systematic activities allow you the simplistic bliss of teaching the activity only one time for the entire school year. Each of the activities include two versions for variety and differentiation.

Below is a breakdown of the 5 activities!

  1. Build It: Build It is designed to encourage students to build and write stories. The students will use the three included sentence starters and six vocabulary cards. After the students build their sentence, they will record their answers. There are two differentiated recording sheets included.Writing Center
  2. Predict It: Predict It is designed to encourage students to write and read predictable stories. The students will use one of the two included predictable texts to create a story. There are two differentiated versions included. The differentiated version offers a picture and sentence starter.Writing Center
  3. Element It: Element It is designed to encourage students to write a piece built upon story elements (setting and characters). The students will use one of the two included Element It story sheets. The differentiated version offers a sentence starter.Writing Center
  4. Create It: Create It is designed to encourage students to write a piece built upon the given vocabulary words. The students will use one of the two included Create It story sheets. The differentiated version offers a sentence starter.Writing Center
  5. Vocab It: Vocab It is designed to encourage students to build an understanding of the thematic vocabulary. The students will use the six included vocabulary cards to assist in their understand. Two differentiated vocabulary recording sheets are included.Writing Center

    Writing Center
    Writing Center
    Writing Center


Create a space where you will implement your writing center. This could be on a bulletin board, dry-erase board (using magnets), or even directly onto the wall.


Next, choose which size of activity posters you want to print. There are full and half-sheet versions available. You can hang these up in the writing center with clothes pins, staples, Velcro, etc.

Writing Center
Writing Center
Writing Center

Then, print out the word cards of your choice. You can choose to display 1-2 themes, 1 month’s worth, etc. Display the word cards on the
writing center board or on a metal ring.

Writing Center
Writing Center


Next, create matching activity basket labels. You can make these yourself or print out the included labels. Attach these labels to your writing center activity baskets.

Writing Center


Afterwards, fill your activity baskets with the matching included writing center sheets. You can choose to put out the same sheet multiple times or put out a variety using the five included versions.

Not sure if the writing center will work for you? Read what other teachers are saying…

Jessica says, “Annnnnnd another FABULOUS resource for my kinders! This pairs nicely with the Thematic Writing Center because it gives even more options for the kiddos AND differentiates the tasks for them. They will never get bored at this center, which is why I love this new addition! Thank you again!! :)”

YG says, “Tara’s products NEVER disappoint! So excited to add this to my writing center. Tara thinks of everything and her packs always exceed my expectations! (comprehensive, colorful, differentiated, engaging and hands on) Growing bundles are awesome because it’s like getting a gift every month!”

Traca says, “My students need the extra support and vocabulary during their “independent” writing time at their Daily Five center. This helps them get the support they need and feel confident without coming to me at my Guided Reading group. Great product!”

Bobbie says, “This is absolutely amazing! The continuity of tasks from month to month will give my students needed practice and a sense of accomplishment. I love that the tasks can be differentiated as needed. Thank you!”

Writing Center

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Thanks so much for joining me today!


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