The Moon Close Read {writing freebie included}

Howdy friends!  Last week we went to the moon & back! 🙂  Another close read down!  Each week when I announce what the following close read will be there is a ROAR!  The kids are truly in love with their close read…they see fun, excitement, and the unknown.  I see learning, comprehension, and a love of learning!

We changed it up a little this week  with our book choice.  I really struggled with finding the perfect book to study the moon.  The books were too easy or too difficult.  I finally settled on this reader!  It’s from our “old” reading series, Making Meaning. The book is still in print, click below to view the listing!

I like to start out the close read on Monday mornings by just having the kiddos tell me EVERYTHING they know about the subject.  So, students turn and talk with their partners, then share out their ideas and I chart them on the poster.

Below is my sister’s chart where the students decided that the moon was actually not made out of cheese 😉

On Mondays we also address the week’s essential question!  The goal is that by the end of the week every student will be able to state the question and answer!  However, they usually know both a lot sooner!

As always Tuesday are vocabulary days!    

For this close read we focused on it in writing as well {see more below}.  So, we made several charts to help us gather our thoughts!

The kiddos worked on these great diagrams for their moon informational booklets {below}.

We followed up with our study of the moon during writing as well!  We worked on a page out of informational booklets each day!  Be sure to grab these freebie booklets below!


Click below to grab the freebie!

 Sweet Kristen Smith has this great hands-on activity for craters in her Moon Packet!  {see below}


If you are just hearing about close reads be sure to click on the label “close reads” on the right side of my blog >>>  Also, if you are interested in getting started you can view my packets by clicking below! 

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  1. I love seeing all your examples of close reads. They are something I'm learning about to incorporate in my room next year.
    And on a totally different topic- I LOVE the clips with the kids names and pictures. How'd you make them?

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