We Are Writers!

Happy mid-week!  I wanted to pop in for a quick but hopefully inspiring little blurb today!  As a kindergarten teacher we have the privilege to be able to introduce the kiddos to lots of their “firsts!”  We are sometimes the first one to show them how to line up, sit criss-cross, and so many more {you see I already blocked them out of my mind HA!}.  However, I have noticed over anything in my room…it seems like not until the kiddos come to my carpet for the first time for “writing” do I see their biggest “first!”  Lots of parents read with their kiddos, but not many parents teach writing mini lessons and teach a love for writing the way we are able to do in kindergarten…so I get to! YAY!
I love teaching the “We are Writers” lesson on the first day of writing…at this point it is the third day of school and their heads are spinning with all of this new information we have given them and expected from them!  However, in this lesson I require nothing from the kiddos, but for them to believe in themselves as writers!  You can see the mini lesson in action below…and please excuse my overuse of the word “special”….no clue!

You can see the mini lesson only took 2 about minutes, but will have  LASTING affect on their beliefs in themselves as WRITERS!  Each and everyday I have my kids chant, “We are writers!” Sometimes I’ll play a little silly and ask…”So do I have any writers in here?” and I also call my students “writers” and they answer with “yes” during writing time!

I put together these “We are writers” posters for your classroom!  I offered it any many colors to hopefully cover all those colors schemes we love! 🙂  You can download the sign for free HERE or click below…if/when you decide to do this mini lesson please let me know how it goes!  I can’t wait to hear!  Have a super day!

This week I also did my persevere lesson!  I started this three years ago, but each year it’s just as sweet as before!  Something about this lesson sticks with the kiddos and they hopefully never forget what it means to persevere…even when they leave my classroom! 🙂  You can watch the lesson below!  To prep for the lesson I simply placed a bag of suckers inside a box and wrapped it many times!

And a look at the aftermath….

Yep!  Lesson approved!


  1. Thank you for the signs! I will be using them as soon as I can find enough time to start writing and using my wonderful KinderLiteracy. We have so much testing the first two weeks of school that there is not enough time to truly start a program. (Sad…) I will post pictures of KinderLiteracy and kInderphonics too as soon as I can.
    Thank you so much!
    Andrea 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing the sign! After watching the video on Facebook, I had my classes recite this. This week was appropriate as the first sight word of the year is I. Next week the sight word is AM. I've been having them say this as a reader, too, "I am a reader". I wish my coworkers would do this with their classes. They believe that kindergartners cannot write and that it is not appropriate for them. I have had only success with my students (even when I started teaching in 1990) if you have them believe that they can do it! By the end of the year, they were great! There are always those that say that they can't write and/or read and I tell them that all they have to do is be brave and try. That's why I want to do your persevere lesson, to encourage them to try and stick with it!

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