What’s with all the pictures?

What’s with all the pictures?  I’ve wondered if that has crossed any of my readers’ minds?  Haha! 🙂  Well I actually DO have a reason for taking so many pictures in my classroom!  At the end of the day I will show the students pictures of work we have done through out the day.  I display the pictures on the Smartboard as we fill out our Daily Reflective Sheet!  I take only pictures of the student’s work.  I choose not to take pictures of the actual student because at the end of the day when we review the pictures I want every student sitting at the carpet to remember doing the work themselves- – not Sam or Joe doing the work.

I started using these reflective sheets at the end of November! Click HERE to view that original blog post where I explain the sheets in more detail! Anyway, back to the pictures… I love to take pictures of the students’ independent work and then at the end of the day we discuss the pictures!  We discuss what we were working on in each picture.  It is a really great way to recap the day and review everything we learned for the day.  As a teacher I am guilty of teaching to the end of my time block and not having one last chance to review what we learned.  So, I’ve found that this is an easy and quick way to review the day!  Also, students tend to act as if they don’t always “remember” what we’ve learned so using the pictures has REALLY helped filling out our Daily Reflective Sheets!

The Daily Reflective Sheets were a part of pushing Write to Learn in my classroom.  I wanted to influence writing in all areas of our day- – not just writing time.  So, we’ve been working on writing during math & at the end of the day during our reflective writing.

We learned that 13 is one group of ten and 3 ones.

All teen numbers start with a one 19 is a group of ten and nine ones.  {sorry so blurry!}

If you are interested in my Daily Reflective Sheets you click below for the link.
They sell in a pack of 24 {independent and whole class versions} for $2.50


  1. I love this idea! We only have 1 hour after lunch, which just changed this year, and it's been tricky finding something to do that takes less than 30 minutes. Planning to this next week.

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