Whole Brain Teaching {Super Improvers Wall}

Well, I’m back from the Whole Brain Teaching conference!  I learned so many great ideas- I hope I remember them all!!  I will be discussing WBT and how I plan to implement it within my class.  I have ALOT  of ideas but I would rather test them in my own room and leave you with how it goes for me along the way. 
In my classroom last year I had several behavior management systems; clip chart, punch cards, treasure chest, good behavior catalogue, tiger bucks, etc.  This upcoming year I was wanting to combine the incentives with one another or eliminate completely.  Well, whatcha know- Whole Brain has their own version of a year long behavior management, called Super Improvers.  I do love the idea of the Super Improvers because it is year long and is displayed in the classroom for the kids to see daily! WBT uses a baseball themed improvement system (rookie, phenom, starter, hall of famer).  Well, not that much into baseball so my teaching buddy and I came up with our own!  Our levels are beginner, learner, team leader, team captain, MVK (most valuable Kid/Kindergartner), Whiz Kid, specialist, pro, super star, and genius. All students must receive 10 stars from the teacher in order to move up to the next level. You can stamp or color stars, or you could give them star stickers. Below is the cards my kiddos will keep in their crayons boxes.  I will most likely place a sticker or draw a star on the card.  The other version could be if you wanted them to color in the star.


There are many great ideas and ways to display your super improvers wall.  I moved mine around in my classroom about 10 times!  There is also many ways to display the kiddos progress.  I decided to display the levels and then each time a student reaches that level they get a star with their name that is a matching color of the level they are now on.  Each time they move up a level they get to put up their new star and take the old one home to show their parents.  Below is a picture.  Note that the stars are made up with fake names because it’s Summer and I wanted give you a visual!!  I have not tested this in my room yet, so it’s possible I will vary this a little.  I will keep you informed!!

Some alternate versions I considered was giving each student a clothespin and they place it on the level.  I like this idea but I do a daily clip chart and I think ‘move your clip’ becomes standard talk and  differentiating which clip to move could get tiresome.  I also considered those little envelopes that are found in the back of a library book.  The student could then just change out a slip of paper inside the envelope.  There are also other ways of implementing this on Pinterest and other great blogs.

One last thing-  I have made these 2 signs for my door as well.  Of course my lap top’s battery ran down just as I was printing, so I haven’t yet hung them.  Get these 2 posters as well as the Super Improvers level cards below!  Enjoy and please leave me a comment and let me know what ya think!

Get the above FREEBIE printables  and more by clicking below!

If you are looking for additional information on Whole Brain Teaching check out their site www.wholebrainteaching.com it’s great!!


  1. Thank you for the freebie!! I LOVE whole brain teaching. Last year was the first full year that I used it and I can't wait to use even more of it this year! Have fun and enjoy power teaching!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the freebie! I have been racking my brain trying to think of different words for the Super Improvers Wall – and here you have done it for me!

    I was at the WBT conference in Union, is that where you were?

    It was awesome!
    I am your newest follower!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  3. I have been interested in WBT teaching for about a year now. I saw your post about the conference. Had I not seen that, I would not have known and would have missed it. Thanks for posting about it, and thanks for the freebies.

  4. Love, love, l.o.v.e. your super improvers wall! I will be implementing WBT this year as well. Question – Do you use WBT and a clip chart for behavior? Just curious – I've read the WBT classroom behavior management system and I'm having a hard time letting go of my clip chart. Can you use both? Thanks for the wonderful freebie! I'm your newest follower.

    First Grade OWLS

  5. I have been thinking about my clip chart too… my thought is that since the clip chart is for general behavior, it can be incorporated into the Super Improvers… maybe if they move up they can get a star? Or Moving up 3 times in a week= a star. OR for behavior kiddos… staying on green = a star. I also was in Union 🙂 I really did like the practice times, though, and would like to try to implement some of that as opposed to so much recess lost. We have to do all of our own duty, so it may be a challenge.

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  8. Hello! I'm a first year k teacher and I plan on doing this. The only thing I'm running into is how you manage giving out the stars. Do the kids go the star and color it in right after you tell them they have earned one or do you keep track of it on a checklist privately and then talk with each kid at the end of the day? I want it to be reinforcing but also don't want to have to stop instruction or anything. Thanks so much!

  9. Hello! I love your Super Improver Wall and student cards but I am not finding them at the link on this post. I know it is from 2012 so it’s old but I’m hoping to access the free download if possible…?
    Is there any way I can get the link?


  10. Hello! I’m a new(er) teacher and just discovering whole brain teaching. I found your blog post from 2012 and was interested in your super improvers chart. Is there any way you can email it to me? My email is ke***@es****.net

    Thank you for all you do! It is much appreciated!

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