Writing “All About” Nonfiction Booklets!

Hey there friends!  I am popping in to share with you a great way to keep your writers engaged this time of the year!  Every year it seems like our classes have areas that they really get interested in…and this year my class is obsessed with nonfiction and most of all – – all about books!

We started doing the “all about” books whole group alongside our close reads.  The kids quickly fell in love so I started placing the blank all about booklets in their work on writing folders and in my early finisher drawers.  I noticed that they were choosing these over all the other options!  I decided it was time to offer them a variety of topics to choose from.  Sometimes kids will stick with what they “know” and not always realize that they can expand!

You can see from the picture above that the kiddos can now choose from “real life” labeled topic cards.  The cards are colorful and pull the kids in almost instantly!  The topics are clearly labeled on each card…so this helps take away the … “So, how do I spell chameleons?”

After choosing the topic card the student then begins their all about book.  You can see from below that this student chose to write an all about book for babies!

Once students have completed their title page they can then continue on through the all about book writing facts, comparisons, drawing diagrams, and more! Below you can view examples of our all about books that we did whole group.

Students colored their title pages and we then glued them onto a large piece of construction paper to give it that real “book” feeling.

The first page inside the book is a table of contents page.  Students know that this helps the readers quickly access the information inside their books.

The students then write facts about the topic.  I have my fact paper copied double-sided for those writing additional sentences.

You can see from the image below …that there are many options for you to include in the books.  You could place all of these into the books, or just pick the few that you want.  

Some additional shots of the completed books….

In the packet you receive 50 “premade” all about books.  The topics that are included in this packet can be seen below.  There are 25 animal topics and 25 miscellaneous topics for students to choose from, or for you to choose from for whole-group writing!

In the packet you will also get the blank booklets for students to use at work on writing.  You will also receive an editable all about booklet for you to modify to fit the theme your class is currently studying!  You can get your hands on this packet by clicking below!

Have a SPLENDID weekend!!!


  1. My Kinders finished their first book on Friday, which was butterflies. They absolutely loved it! One student told another one that "this is the kind of stuff 1st graders do"! Iove the simplicity of it all and it was really ignited a passion for nonfiction with my kiddos. Thank you for creating such fabulous products that really help strengthen a love of reading and writing in students!

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