Writing Story Starters {freebie too!}

Hey there!!!!  I am excited to share with you a packet we will get 100% use of of in my room! My kiddos can’t get enough of my writing story starters!  I use them in their work on writing folders and as a choice for early finishers!
I have found these story starters to work
absolute wonders in my classroom!  What I love about the
story starters the most is their ability to assist the students when working
independently.  Students WANT to work
without the assistance of their teacher, but sometimes they just don’t know
how.  This can be especially true in
writing.  Students of course would love
to write a story of their own, but they at times don’t know what to write
about.  The story starters take that out
of the equation.  Students simply look at
the picture given to them and start to write their story!
I like the spider and web.

I like mom.

All of the people are at the table.

I like McKenna.

The raccoon is scared.

This resource can be used alongside your whole group writing instruction, during independent student work time {work  on writing}, or a supplement to your writing curriculum.  Below are some snapshots of how I “stuff” these writing starters in my students’ work on writing folders!

The writing story starters comes in a pack of 150 with some focusing on; seasons, kids, animals, and then a selection of variety starters.  You can download a free sample to try out with your kiddos by clicking below!  Once on the TpT site click on the “preview” to download three free starters!


The packet is discounted for the remainder of the week if you are interested!
Catchya later gators!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I tried these with my kiddos and most of my class did great, and others (my Title I students) were overwhelmed and sat there saying that they didn't know what to write. I have one little girl who tells me that" this kind of stuff is boring". 🙂

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