Writing to Inform {freebie}

        Hi friends!  I hope you are having a great ending to your work week.  Thursday was actually our last day for the week.  Instead of 1 long Spring break, we have several 3-4 day weekends through out Winter-Spring.

       This week we finished up our informational all about books!  The kids did an amazing job.  They picked their animals at the beginning of the week and then we took off from there!  They are more amazing in pictures than words so see for yourself! 

Be sure to scroll to find the freebie informational writing templates!

 Some sharks lay eggs and some give birth to live young.
Sharks have sharp teeth.  Sharks live in the ocean.  If they get scared they bite.
Sharks are always hungry and looking for things to eat.
A shark is faster than a sea turtle.
A fish is smaller than a cat.
Cats sleep 16 hours a day.  Cats get up early in the morning.
An elephant is bigger than a kitten.
A dog is bigger than a cat.
Dogs like to chase cats because they are natural predators.
They really loved this writing project!  In order to get my students to write MORE during these writing “projects” I start them with a  writing graphic organizer.  They really excel when using these.  We then transfer to our final draft paper {an important and difficult task for Kindergarten!}. 

I incorporated research in with their weekly homework assignment.  We wrote out our questions {using a graphic organizer} and then the students took them home to research.  The answers the students got were fantastic!  We shared the knowledge as a class and the students were able to learn about multiple animals!

Have a splendid weekend!


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