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Hi there and thanks so much for stopping by!  I have been asked by several to combine all of my curriculum programs into one post so you can easily see across each set and the benefits each provides!  You’ll want to keep reading as I am currently offering a special sale for these bundles…such a good steal you can hardly pass them up!  If you haven’t watched it already you can view this quick video of me explaining the differences between KinderLiteracy, KinderPhonics, and  the Guided Reading Mega Bundles!

Seriously…this is the thumbnail I get? HAHAHAH!

Below is a look at all three of my curriculum sets!  You can see that each bundle includes 32-35 weeks of instruction and includes “read and teach” lesson plans!  That simply means that the lesson plans included do not need to be rewritten…I have given specific detailed plans for each day!  So specific that you can easily leave the lesson plans for a substitute teacher!

Alright, let’s start with KinderLiteracy!  KinderLiteracy is my new bundle that has replaced my close read bundles {if you own those bundles you’ll want to snag these new beefed up lessons…you can also get store credit if you choose to “upgrade” just email me!}
You can see from the lesson plans below that I have included EVERYTHING you’ll need for the entire week!  I have the unit big idea, unit standard focus, weekly theme, main text, linked text {optional}, standard focus for the week, I can statements for the week, comprehension/skill focus for the week, writing focus, AND all the common core standards covered for that week!  You can see from the lesson plans below how explicit they are! Also, the lesson plans are editable in case you just need to swap out something minor or change up something more!

Also, included in these units is the 35 week overview of all the lessons.  This way you can see what week you are teaching that book, skill, etc!  All there for you!  This document is also editable so you can swap out the weeks easy peasy!

Now let’s take a look at what’s included!  Each week you will get two sets of vocabulary cards to display in your classroom and instructions/materials for your weekly craft!
Here is a look at the craft for bats week!  Each craft has the templates included!  I also made sure to utilize your time and paper when prepping for these crafts!

Every week you also get a poem and poetry strips!  This way you can build the poem whole-group or choose to place the poem in a literacy/poetry center for the kiddos!  Depending on the week you also get a few “extras.”  This included retelling pieces for fiction stories!

Here is a look at the retelling pieces in action!  These retelling posters are also included!

Retelling pieces and headbands- – is it time for fairy tales yet? 🙂

If that wasn’t awesome enough you also get writing templates/booklets for each week AND a skill check for every week….seriously everything you need for the week!  If I decide I need something extra for my week…I will be sure to add it, but I think it’s all there! 🙂

I know it can appear really daunting looking at a new program for your whole-group reading but I stand behind the units and know that they will make your teacher life and heart happy!  Below you can download a free week of KinderLiteracy to check it out for yourself! Or, click HERE!

If you’re still a little unsure about KinderLiteracy or would like to read more about each unit you can view two explicit posts HERE or clicking below!
Do you teach first grade?  I have FirstieLiteracy as well!  You can download a free week by clicking HERE and selecting the “preview!”

Now let’s chat about KinderPhonics!  KinderPhonics is a 35 week phonics instruction bundle!  The bundle is made up of three units!  Each unit has a specific focus for those young kindergarten learners! Unit one quickly goes through the alphabet spending one day per letter!  Each day you will add the movement letter poster to your classroom as a way to build the alphabet WITH the kiddos!  They really buy in to this movement connection and most students will pick up their sounds before or quickly after identifying the letters of the alphabet. During unit one we also spend a great deal of time on handwriting! Unit two slows down and goes through the alphabet once more spending two days per letter!  During this unit we focus mainly on the letter sound of each letter along with more work on handwriting!  Unit three moves on to more rigorous skills like short vowels, long vowels, blends, digraphs, and more!

Here is a look at page one of two of a lesson plan from unit one!  You can see how explicit each lesson plan is…no need to rewrite the lesson plans I have done it for you! 😀

Along with the lesson plans you will snag printables for each unit!

Along with the letter posters I mentioned above you also get a small ABC chart for students’ writing folders and a large ABC chart for your class!  Below is a look at the KinderPhonics handwriting helpers!  These will be used a lot during units one and two…building strong handwriting skills!
During unit two we focus on comparing two letters and the sounds they make!  With any of the units you can swap out any order of the letters.  There is no reason why you have to follow my order!

Does KinderPhonics sound good but you’re not so sure?  You can download two free days of instruction to see for yourself HERE or click the picture below!

I would love for you to have the opportunity to have these unit for your classroom for the start of the year!  I am placing the units on sale bundled for $25.00 for the ENTIRE YEAR!  You can view HERE or click the picture below!  You can also read more about KinderPhonics HERE!

My guided reading mega bundle is for sure like my little baby!  After my first year of teaching I new I desperately needed to enhance my small group instruction!  I set out to create lesson plans that would help guide me through the year!  In my mega bundle you get 32 weeks of explicit instruction that include easy readers, lesson plans, writing templates, and more!  You can see from the picture below what the goodies look like for each week!
Below is a look at the entire year of guided reading!  You can see the books, DRA levels, sight word focuses, and phonemic awareness focuses!

Along with the 32 weeks of instruction you also get the “endless” opportunity and get to snag ALL of my guided reading packets!  Here is a look at just some of the packets, but I keep adding to the goodness!
If you’d love to see what a week of guided reading looks like you can download this free week of instruction HERE!

If you’re interested in making the jump to mega bundle now is the time!  I am discounting the bundle $30 which is lower than a TPT sale! WOOHOOO!  You can snag the guided reading mega bundle at $68!  If you own parts of the bundle but want to “upgrade” you can have store credit for those packets…just shoot me an email! Click HERE or below to view the bundle!

If you’re interested in the first grade bundle you can download a free were HERE and the bundle is also on sale for $30 off!  You can snag it HERE or click below!

If you would like to read more about my guided reading groups I have ENDLESS posts on my blog!  I also have a virtual presentation you can listen in on HERE!

I have had a ton of requests for KinderMath…well your dreams are coming true because it will be released within the next couple of week! Yippee!  Also, FirstiePhonics will hopefully make a debut this fall, but no promises on that! 🙂  Alright…please at ANY time email me with questions you have …I don’t mind at all answering them…short or big! 🙂 You can email me at ta******@ho*****.com



  1. You are the BEST! Last year I went to town making copies/binders/cutting/laminating all of your math/literacy centers and the Taking Back Weekends packets…. now I am crazy about the three bundles in this post and can't WAIT for the math one. My teammates have started to see all your resources and we all proclaim Tara West to be the genius of Kindergarten. We wish that the director/curriculum writer of our school would adopt your materials for our comprehension/literacy curriculum! (We'll keep working on it….)

    1. Thanj you for the wonderful resources. You have a lot of wonderful materials that you offer. I could just stay in your shop. Thank you for the freebies as well

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