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Hi there teacher besties! Today we are talking all things distance learning. We could have never imagined the terms ‘distance learning’ even being part of our vocabulary a few months ago, but one thing that stands firm is the amazing ability teachers have to adjust, adapt, and CONQUER!

Today’s post I will share with you resources, tutorials, and ideas you can implement with your distance learning lessons! Together as a teaching community we will come together and PREVAIL! If you are feeling a little lost without your teaching besties… be sure to join in our teaching community Facebook group **HERE** as we would love to have you!

Let’s Talk Digital

There seems to be a dividing line between teachers that are going “digital” with their teaching and those that are doing paper/pencil tasks! We will discuss both but up first is digital teaching. There are several platforms when it comes to teaching online. Today I will discuss resources that I have paired with Google Classroom and SeeSaw! If you’re unsure about my resources working on your platform you can reach out to me!

Google Classroom

I have created resources that are Google ready and SeeSaw ready! If you are using the Google ready material these can be sent as assignments via your Google Classroom! My material may be shared directly to your students. The most important tip to remember when sending assignments via Google Classroom will be to force students to ‘make a copy’ of the assignment. There’s a great tutorial for that **HERE**

If you are new to Google Classroom or still feeling a little uneasy, Monique Jackson, from The Helpful Teacher has an excellent step-by-step tutorial **HERE** and also shown below.

Once you have your Google Classroom up and running, Megan has a great video on keeping your Google Classroom running smoothly. You can watch her video **HERE** or directly below.


Seesaw is another platform that a lot of teachers have had success with during these distance learning time. SeeSaw can be used for parent communication, but for the purposes of this post we will just be chatting about using it for student work! SeeSaw is very user friendly to create in and kid-friendly which is even better. SeeSaw does have a YouTube Channel with a lot of excellent videos. Below you will find two videos they offer for those new to SeeSaw and those already using SeeSaw.

Digital Resources

Now that we have a basis on the digital platforms, let’s discuss digital resources! If you have followed my resources prior you will know all of my digital resources were in PowerPoint shows. These are super fun and engaging types of resources. The only hiccup with those resources is they do require PowerPoint to run. PowerPoint files also aren’t the best for uploading into SeeSaw. I set out to update over 10,000 slides to get them ready for you to directly load them into your Google classroom, Seesaw account, or even email them directly to parents.

As I updated these resources I save them into new formats, customizing each for that particular activity! Below I will also you through each of these and give a sample as well for you to try out!

Digital Games in Google Classroom

Just recently I updated 3,500 slides of my phonics games to have them capable for Google Slides. Remembering that you can upload these Google Slides directly into your Google Classroom platform. When students work in Google Slides with my games it’s important that they don’t hit ‘present mode’ when playing. Students will leave the Slides in regular mode and access each slide by choosing from the left panel. The majority of my new Google Slide games have students simply drag and drop the star to mark their answers. If using Google Classroom you can have students make each answer and then send back to you for their grading.

If you’re unsure what these types of games would look like in Google Slides, view this quick video.

Digital Games in SeeSaw

I have also offered SeeSaw versions for some of my digital games. The SeeSaw games are already uploaded into the SeeSaw library for you. You will just simply ‘add to library’ the pre-made activity. These activities can be altered by you to add additional learning opportunities, instructions, etc. In SeeSaw, students will simply click the ‘move’ icon to begin their learning. The students will drag and drop the star to mark their answer.

Free Digital Games |Free File|

I have created a free set of my Google ready and SeeSaw ready phonics games. This is a set of 20 slides that you can upload directly into your Google classroom or SeeSaw library TODAY for your students to use TOMORROW! View these games in action directly below.

You can access this free phonics game file by clicking **HERE** or the images below.

Just a reminder, that you will scroll to page 5 to access the free game files. If you are a Google teacher, you will click on the yellow Google Slides icon. SeeSaw teachers will select the SeeSaw icon below.

Digital Games for ELA and Math

I have several additional digital game bundles! These bundles are offered for Kindergarten and First Grade! I also have the games for both ELA (phonics) and math. I have two sets that are skill-based and three sets that are thematic. However, each set is 100% unique with no overlapping among the packets.


> > Kindergarten Skill-Based ELA Games (A set of 60 games and 600+ slides [$0.40 per game] covering alphabet, beginning sounds, rhyming, syllables, ending sounds, cvc words, word building, cvce words, digraphs, blends, sentences, sight words). View this packet * * HERE * *

> > First Grade Skill-Based ELA Games (A set of 60 games and 600+ slides [$0.40 per game] covering long/short mixed vowels, digraphs, blends, double ending, hard/soft sounds, diphthongs, vowel pairs, ending blends, three letter blends, r controlled, and contractions). View this packet * * HERE * *

> > Kindergarten Thematic-Based ELA Games (A set of 80 games and 800 slides [$0.30 per game] covering alphabet, beginning sounds, rhyming, syllables, ending sounds, cvc words, sentences, cvce words, digraphs, blends). View this packet * * HERE * *

> > First Grade Thematic-Based ELA Games (A set of 80 games and 800 slides [$0.30 per game] covering beginning sounds, cvc words, sentences, digraphs, cvce words, blends, double ending sounds, r controlled, vowel pairs, long vowel patterns, diphthongs, hard/soft sounds.) View this packet * * HERE * *

> > Kindergarten Thematic-Based MATH Games (A set of 45 games and 900 slides [$0.50 per game] covering counting sets, shapes, subitizing, measurement, and addition). View this packet * * HERE * *

Additional Digital Resources

I have been making digital copies of additional resources as well and will continue. If you need a particular digital resource just let me know! Below I will share about two packets that are digital ready.

Digital Assessments

I have also digitized an end of year ELA and math assessment packet. It’s possible you won’t need to take grades or complete grade cards, but if so I will have you covered. This assessment is Google ready and SeeSaw! The assessment is also offered in a printable PDF for the school years ahead.

You can view a video of these assessment in action **HERE** or directly below. View the packet on TPT **HERE**

Digital Skill Review Checks

I also created a set if 25 ELA and 25 Math skill review sheets. This allows you to assign 1 each day. You can also think of these as morning work or daily check-ins! They follow the same routine each day so students will be able to eventually complete them independently. The set also comes with a printable PDF version for the future.

View a preview video of the digital skill review sheets **HERE** or directly below. View the skill review sheets on TPT by clicking **HERE**


I also spent a lot of time creating separate PowerPoint and PDF reader files for the majority of my guided reading books. This allows you to quickly upload the reader to Google Classroom, SeeSaw, or email it directly to parents. Finding appropriate readers for students that are digital ready can be tough. You can follow **this link** to view all of my books that have an e-reader capability.

Paper-Based Distance Learning

I realize that some of you are doing a mix of digital and paper based learning OR 100% paper based learning! I wanted to offer assistance for you as well.

Challenge Mats |Free|

I have been creating several of these super fun and engaging freebie challenge mats! These mats can be send to parents via email, SeeSaw, or digital platform of choice. You may also upload this freebie to your website. I currently have five challenge mats: Spelling, Sight Words, Movement, Reading, and Science/Social Studies. You can access these freebie challenge mats by clicking **HERE**

INSTANT Printables

Two others packets that have been extremely popular for paper-based distance learning are my INSTANT ELA Printables and INSTANT Math printables! Between these two packets you have 350 practice sheets to choose from. These sheets offer a variety of skills with plenty of differentiation opportunity. You can view the INSTANT Math Printables **HERE** I also have a free preview of the INSTANT Math Printables **HERE**

You can view the INSTANT ELA Printables **HERE** I also have a free preview of the INSTANT ELA Printables **HERE**

Reading Fluency & Comprehension

I have also had a lot of teachers interested in needing something to build fluency and comprehension but don’t have the ability to send easy readers. My Read It packet offers just that– 100 reading sheets! You can view the packet **HERE** on TPT or try out a preview **HERE**

Distance Learning Cue Cards |Free|

I also created this distance learning freebie! If you are doing any virtual lessons you will want a copy of these freebie visual cue cards! You can download this freebie **HERE**

Distance Learning Tech Tutorials

If you have some extra time I highly recommend you take a peek over at my tech tips tutorial post! I have over 10 quick tutorials! I go over creating in Google slides, creating in SeeSaw, transforming material from PDFs into digital resources, and LOTS more! You can view or bookmark the tech tips blog post **HERE**

Distance Learning Assistance

I know this time of distance learning is new for all of us and sometimes it’s nice to bounce ideas or seek assistance from others. I always want to be open about being someone you can seek help with! If you have any questions pertaining to your distance learning feel free to reach out to me via email at li******************@gm***.com


  1. Will you be making a math mat? I love the layout of the other mats and want a matching math one. Any plans on that coming?! I am sure you will but we are planning out what to send home to parents in packets next week.

  2. Tara, you’re *amazing*. I have your KinderMath curriculum bundle. Is there a digital version, even for specific chapters for Google Classroom? Your work is so thorough and standard-aligned…I MISS IT!

  3. Thanks a lot! I kinda knew how to do that, but wasn’t sure I was allowed to. Thanks for giving permission! My kids will be happy to see something familiar! 🙂

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