Interactive Math Notebooks + a FREEBIE!

math interactive notebook
Happy day!  Thanks so much for popping by!  I wanted to share with you, a fun and exciting freebie I recently posted! I posted a Christmas version a month or so back and I know it was loved!  So, why not add in a winter edition as well?  If you are new to my interactive notebooks then you might want to jump over to see THIS post.  Today I will be sharing with you a couple freebies, action shots of the notebooks and a compilation video of both the Kinder and Firstie notebooks!

The freebie notebook pages are K-1 so you can pick and choose from them and decide which work best for your kiddos!

Below is a preview of the freebie pages!

Shape Sort

math interactive notebook
Counting Sets to 20

math interactive notebook
Skip Counting by 2’s

math interactive notebook
Place Value

math interactive notebook


math interactive notebook
Doubles Addition

math interactive notebook
There are also additional freebie pages included!  You can download the freebie instantly by clicking **HERE** or on the image below!

If you are just getting started with notebooks in your classroom or feel the kiddos need a boost in how to best use them, you can download THIS freebie!  It’s a fun and quick “how to” guide for you to read to the kiddos!  There are also little adorable certificates that can be given to the kiddos to show they are certified!  You can see more about the “how to” book directly below!

 If you are interested at taking a look at the notebooks closer, you can do by watching this video!  Please note that the KinderMath Interactive notebook is now COMPLETE and no longer growing!  If you already purchased that one, then you’ll want to redownload! Below is a  sample look at the pages in action!

Are you interested in the KinderMath Interactive Notebook?  View it below! You will be able to view all of the skills covered in the notebook as well!
Teach first grade?  I have you covered, too!  Here is a look at that notebook!

Interested in the first grade notebook?  View it below! Please note that these notebooks are not dependent on my math programs.  They will work nicely paired with all math curriculum programs!
If you missed out on the Christmas Freebie and would like to stash it for next year, then you can click **HERE** or below to download that one!

Have a GREAT week!


  1. I teach RTI and I am always looking for new ways for my students to learn old thigs. do you have an intteractive notebook for first and secnd grade? Thanks

  2. Hi! I just love your stuff! I bought the whole set and I just have a question….what is the best way to organize it? Do I copy it all. LOL I started by copying the firstie literacy and have it pretty much copied but is that how you organize?

  3. Thank you Tara for sharing your ideas mith us. As a preschool teacher its son important to have always something differente and new but also for the interest of my kids. Have a great school year and I WILL BE WAITING FOR THOSE AMAZING ideas from you. Martha Renteria

  4. Hello Tara:) I bought your Interactive Math journal. I love it! But I have a lot of Kinders that aren’t cutting much yet. Do you have something where the items they need for the notebook are all on one page for that lesson, then the “I can statement” can be color coded w/o me cutting and pasting certain things from each page. Does this make sense? Thank you! I know you are a whiz at the computer, so I’m sure I’m not doing something correctly when I’m printing each page for them to use.

    1. Hi there! If you’re wanting a different color for the i can I print on two sheets of color and then two kids pair up to quickly swap I can statements! That way their I can statement will be a different color 🙂

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