KinderLiteracy Units 2 & 3

Hello!  Hello!  Today I am stopping in to share all about units 2 and 3 of KinderLiteracy!  If you are a KinderLiteracy bundle owner you can now download units 1, 2, and 3!  Alright, let’s jump right in with KinderLiteracy Unit 2- Listen and Retell.  You can tell just from the title of the the unit that students will be focusing on the skill of retelling! 🙂

This unit has three fairy tales.  Students will listen and work with; Three Little Pigs, The Three Bears, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Below is a look at all the fun goodies included in unit two for retelling!  Thanks so the FABULOUS and TALENTED, Susanna Westby, from Whimsy Workshop you have so many options and engaging ways for the kiddos to work on the fairy tales!

Take a look at these retelling headbands….I’m guessing it will be a show-down deciding who will play the part of the mean, ugly troll!  Students will also be able to reenact the fairy tales with the character stand-ups.  For those all you need to do is print them, cut, and tape! The characters will then go from flat to 3D…ummm YES!  Also, in the picture above you can see the retell cards!

Also, when we teach students about retelling it is important to show them in a concrete way.  That takes the skill from “something my teacher told me” to something that I KNOW …because I SAW IT with my own two eyes!  I like to teach the kiddos the skill of retelling by using a retell bracelet!  For my retell bracelets I just purchased colored beads and pipe cleaners.  I placed the three beads on the pipe cleaner and then twisted it into a knot.  Easy and CHEAP!  However, this cheap little bracelet really allows for a deeper understanding and the kiddos can slide a bead over for each part of the story as they retell.

Also, included in unit 2 is a little visual for retelling called the 3 part Retelling!  For this you’ll teach the kiddos that at the beginning of the story we are off to a great start…knowing who is in the story and where they are.  Once we get to the middle of the story we have to slow down because we are facing a problem.  At the end of the story we can stop because we have resolved the problem and *hopefully* there has been a happy ever after!

I will be placing these signs up on my board and we will then line up the retell cards to fit under each!

Alright, now that you know the idea behind unit 2…I will share some additional shots!

Unit 2 is made up of 5 weeks yo you’ll have five sets of these VERY detailed teacher lesson plans!  No more reinventing the wheel…I already built the whole car for you 😉

Each week in unit 2 you’ll also have the poetry pieces, poems, and vocabulary cards.  For the this unit you also have the retell cards and the extra fairy tale pieces!
Each week there is also a craft…how adorable is this little bat!

And there is the same explanation from above within the unit on retelling!

If you own the bundle you’ll want to click HERE to get this update for FREE.  However, if you’re interested in just checking out this unit, you can click below to view unit 2!

And…we are off to unit 3!  KinderLiteracy unit 3 is called Listen and Understand.  Unit 3 is based on students getting their first real look at nonfiction texts.  They will begin to understand that nonfiction books have a purpose and look a little different from fiction texts.
In unit 3 students will take a look at the topics of; veterans, scarecrows, five senses, reindeer, and then a themed topic of gingerbread boy!  In the picture below you can the assortment of material within the veterans day topic…there is a poster size solider, american flag crafts. and mini armed forces figures.  Students will also be assisting the teacher in their first can/have/are charts within this unit!

As the students study the importance of labels within a nonfiction text…they will also be helping to label themselves like in this five senses activity!

And here is another labeling activity from within unit 3.

Alright, let’s take a look inside the unit!  The unit has five weeks again of detailed lesson plans like the one below!
 Each week there will also be craft instructions.
 Here is a look at the craft for five senses week!  All of the templates are also included.  Again, no more hunting down and piecing together your weeks!

Unit 3 included awesome writing lesson plans, and a couple of super week projects like this book of senses.  This book is also part of the student’s oral presentations for the unit!

For the gingerbread week there are also retelling pieces included like in unit 2!

Like in the previous units each week you will have the vocabulary pictures, poems, and poem strips!

Unit 3 also has some super fun reading response pages and there is also a skill check for each week!
If you own the bundle you’ll want to click HERE to get this update for FREE.  However, if you’re interested in just checking out this unit, you can click below to view unit 3!
Alright, now we are off to some organization ideas for the units!  I have recieved some questions on how big my binders are.  I have purchased 7 1.5 inch binders from Amazon.  You can view the ones I puchased HERE.  However, not sure if this is the lowest price…stores might offer a more competitive price during back to school sales!
I have the pages from within the units placed inside sheet protects.  I then placed the binder cover in and the binder spines!  You can download the FREEBIE binder spines HERE.

 I already had these book bins from Really Good Stuff so I am placing a unit label on each bin.  I will then house the books and binder for that unit within it!

I love these labels because they are 1. adorable and 2. editable!  I purchased them from Kinder-Craze HERE.

And just another look at the book bin!
If you are finding yourself at this post first and haven’t read my initial post you might be a little confused!  You can click below to read all about unit one AND listen to a virtual presentation about the units!  Just click on the image below!

Thanks so much for sticking out with me through this post!  If you are a bundle owner I do have “support” / collaboration group on Facebook –> HERE.  You are also welcome to leave questions below or email me at ta******@ho*****.com
Have a great week!


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