Well, hello there my summer lovin’ friends!  Today I wanted to share with my latest creation…as I posted on Facebook, it felt like I sent my first born off to college yesterday!  These units have been in the slow motion making for awhile!  I started with close reads two years ago and used my close read plans  for two consecutive school years, but I still felt like I was piecing together my week.  We know as teachers that wrangling down ideas for each week that takes the longest!  I decided…no more.  That is when KinderLiteracy came to bloom!  I wanted simple…print and teach plans, my phonemic awareness pieces, texts, crafts, paper/pencil tasks, writing topics, and skill check all in one nice package!  Basically, with my KinderLiteracy units alongside KinderPhonics you have your day covered {just add in math}.
Not to mention all the “behind the scenes” things we are tracking each week like…standards, big ideas, comprehension focuses, story elements, essential questions, and vocabulary….well I covered all that for you!  Literally, all you need is the texts and these plans…you are then
Okay, now we have all the icky important teacher stuff covered…now let me tell you why I LOVE KinderLiteracy.  I will use bullet points because everyone loves some good bullet points…
*KinderLiteracy is teacher created – – I don’t sit behind a desk and pretend to know what kindergarteners are capable of…I’m in the trenches right there with you!
*KinderLiteracy brings the JOY back to teaching –  – I have had the best time teaching my close reads the past two years and that is not going to slow down with these units.  I can’t decide what I love the best…the kids loving to learn during close reads, or the fact that I am still learning during our close reads!
*KinderLiteracy is the whole bag of chips and dip – – I can not stand to have my affairs in disorder… I have included everything I can think of you’ll need for the week!  I want these units to bring sanity back to teaching and inevitability your life too!
Alright…now you think I’m a total basket case so let me get into the units 😉
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 


I have organized unit one into a 1 inch binder.  There are seven units that make up KinderLiteracy.  So, I will have seven binders!  I grabbed them HERE.  I then placed the printed plans/materials into page protectors!
As teachers we want to see the full picture!  I created a kinder curriculum map that shows how the units plan out for the entire year, and I also linked them to my KinderPhonics units because I know so many of you use those as well!  If you do not own my KinderLiteracy units you can still download this freebie year-long curriculum map HERE.

Along with a scope and sequence for KinderLiteracy I have also included these unit overviews!  They will be a fast access point for texts, vocabulary, themes, essential questions, standards, and writing genres!  I tried to do all that “busy” work for you!  I have also included an editable version of this document in KinderLiteracy.  You will be able to edit the weeks or move them around as you see fit!

Remember that the only thing I said you would need….would be TEXTS!  I have included a list of the needed texts for the units.  There is only one text per week that you must have.  For the paired text you can choose one that you already have.  I simply listed a suggestion for you.  On this document I also linked to Amazon so you could snag the books if you were missing one.  However, before buying I recommend that you exhaust your resources between your teacher friends and the library!

In the KinderLiteracy I have also included an overview of each week describing the details of each week.  However, I’ll share here what you get exactly each week.
-lesson plans
-vocabulary cards {2 sets}
-craft instructions/templates
-poetry posters, poetry sentence pieces, retell pieces
-blackline masters {4 days}
-skill check
-writing templates
Below you can see that I’ve also included a editable lesson plan template in the bundle.  This way you can edit the lesson plans to fit your classroom needs!  You can also see along the left side of the lesson plan the areas I cover each week for you:
-Unit big idea
-Unit standard objective
-Weekly theme
-Close read texts
-Literacy Skill focus {standard based}
-Essential questions
-I can statements
-Comprehension strategy
-Story element
-Literacy standards
-Writing genre
WHOOO that is a mouthful 😉
A big part of KinderLiteracy is anchor charts!  Yes, pull 0ut that chart paper and get to charting 😉  I’ll also leave a complete list of the common core standards covered during each week of instruction…remember busy work {covered!}
Below is a look at the two page “spread” of print lesson plans!  I like having it this way so I can lay them on my teacher shelf and just get a good look at the entire day or the entire week!
I then sort all of the pieces {vocabulary cards and poetry pieces} in a page protector!
Here is a look at the craft instructions included…each week will have a craft! {YAY!}
A  look at the craft blackline master and poetry blackline retell pieces!
You can choose to place all of the blacklines for that week together or separate.  Below you can see the skill check that is include each week as well. I didn’t snap a picture of it, but I also include writing template for each week.  I know we all have different thoughts on writing lines so I have included a variety!
And we are back to the binder cover!  Adorable right???
If you are as much in love with KinderLiteracy as me you can check it out below!

A big question I get is how does KinderLiteracy work alongside KinderPhonics?  In my classroom my whole-group reading time {KinderLiteracy} is separate from my phonics time {KinderPhonics}.  KinderLiteracy covers a phonemeic awareness piece, whole-group reading, and writing.  So you’ll need a phonics program to fill in that gap!

If you’d like to read a lot more about KinderPhonics you can view THIS very detailed blog post!  Also, if interested in the units you can click below!

Okay, here are some great questions I have received and you might be wondering as well!
1.  Are the lessons in KinderLiteracy the same as your close reads?
Yes and no!  The lessons from KinderLiteracy are very similar to the close reads, but “beefed” up.  The close reads were not quite simple print and teach plans…KinderLiteracy is.  KinderLiteracys offers a phonemic piece each day, weekly poem pieces, craft, skill check, and A LOT more teacher direction in the lesson plans. Not to mention the KinderLiteracy units I have taken all of your “busy” work and prepped it for you!  This would be things like standards, big idea, comprehesion focuses, I can statements, and MORE! If you do own my close reads I am giving store credit to my store to “swap” those out.  Just email me your wish list after your KinderLiteracy purchase.
2. Are the texts in KinderLiteracy the same as the close bundle?
Yes and no again!  90% of the books are the same…I have added a few new themes that were not in the close read bundle {transportation, five senses, and careers}.
3. Are you going to make a first grade version?
At this time I will be completing KinderLiteracy before proceeding to first grade.

I added this virtual presentation to help clear up even more questions about KinderLiteracy!  You’ll click the green “play” buttons to listen in.  However, these buttons do not appear on iPhones or ipads …sorry!!!

Click play >>>>>


Click to play >>>>>


Click to play >>>>>


Click here to play >>>>


Click here to play >>>>


How does KinderLiteracy “gel” with your other packets like the guided reading mega bundle and KinderPhonics?
I think this would be best explained by showing you my daily schedule:
8:00-8:15 Calendar & Phonemic Awareness Warm up {this warm up is found in KinderLiteracy}
8:15-8:45 Reader’s Workshop/Whole-Group Reading {KinderLiteracy}
8:45-10:00 Guided Reading/Daily Five {Guided Reading Mega Bundle}
10:00-10:30 Grade level intervention {We use Road to Reading and Fundations-can be found on Amazon}
10:30-11:30 Lunch/Recess
11:30-12:15 Writing {KinderLiteracy}
12:15-1:00 Math {KinderMath and ______}
1:00-2:00 Specials {Pe, Music, etc}
2:00-2:30 Phonics {KinderPhonics}
2:30-3:00 Explore/play
Click here to play >>>>


If you are a KinderLiteracy bundle owner click HERE to view our collaborative Facebook group page! You’ll “request” to join and then I’ll add you in! We can chit chat, ask questions, or just blab about KinderLiteracy! Woohooo!

* * Update 7/22/15- I have now blogged about units 2 and 3 of KinderLiteracy!  You can view that post HERE or click on one of the images below!

And we will let Dr. Seuss wrap up this post!


    1. Hi there Andrea! I'm not sure if any of the themes overlap, but I have included editable lesson plans and unit overviews. However, it still might be a lot of work creating all the "extras." However, you might already have that for the themes! I'm just not sure what the Treasures themes are! I'm sorry I am not more help 🙁


  1. I just bought it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Thank you for all of your hard work and consideration for all of the kindergarten teachers who are always trying to create a better learning world for our kids.
    Andrea 🙂

  2. Hi Tara,
    I've been "eyeing" your KinderLiteracy Unit for the past week and I have a question about the Shared Reading section. Is there more to the Shared Reading lesson than is written in the lesson plan? For example, discourse, objectives, etc.

    1. Hi there Susan! The shared reading (poem) is only a small part of the KinderLiteracy units! I've added that so teachers don't have to track down a thematic based poem each week but it's not the main focus of KinderLiteracy. The close read or whole-group lesson is the "meat and potatoes" of the lessons. Within the packet you'll receive the poem in color and black and white. You all get the poem typed onto sentence strips for students to rebuild it! 🙂

  3. Hi Tara,
    I did it!! I got the unit and am excited about bringing it into my classroom. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!!! So the poems are used for fluency and practicing retelling and any other skill I feel fits my district's curriculum for example, high frequency words.
    Thanks again for your time and talent!

  4. I think I remember reading that your school uses Journeys. How does Kinderlit fit in to Journeys? OUr school uses it and we are not huge fans. I already have your word building and grammar curriculum. If i begin using kinderlit will students be on pace to take the Journeys unit/benchmark tests?

  5. Hi Tara,

    I was looking at your daily schedule. Where does Science and Social Studies fit in to your day? Does it get plugged in through this reading curriculum ? Also, I really liked your sight word curriculum does that come with this Kinderliteracy or is it separate?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

    1. Hi there! Sorry PrimarySightWords is not part of KinderLiteracy! Content is towards the end of the day!

      7:40-8:00 Breakfast in the classroom
      8:00-8:20 Calendar, Phonemic Awareness {KinderLiteracy} and Poem {KinderLiteracy}
      8:20-8:30 Restroom
      8:30-8:50 Reader’s Workshop {KinderLiteracy}
      8:50-10:00 Guided Reading/Daily Five {Guided Reading MEGA Bundle}
      10:00-10:30 Grade level intervention {KinderWordBuilding}
      10:30-11:30 Restroom, Lunch, & Recess
      11:30-12:15 Writing {KinderLiteracy}
      12:15-1:05 {KinderMath}
      1:05-2:00 Specials
      2:00-2:10 Snack
      2:10-2:40 Phonics {KinderPhonics}
      2:40-3:00 Recess/Content {KinderScience, KinderSocialStudies, KinderSTEM, KinderHealth}
      3:00-3:16 Pack up & Dismissal

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