Back to School with Pip the Pup [15 Pip free downloads]

Pip the Pup – An Introduction

Hey there teacher besties! Today I am here to chat all things PIP THE PUP! It’s kind of one of those IYKYK (if you know, you know) types of topics. Teachers seem to know all about Pip or are a little WHO is Pip the Pup and what can this pup do for me?! Well, Pip the Pup is a fictitious character I made in the summer of 2019. I was working on my new back to school program and as I wrote books using a teacher voice something just didn’t feel right. A teacher can tell students to sit quietly or to do their job at the dramatic play center but well…. you know a teacher says a lot of things. That’s when I got the idea for a CHARACTER to be the one to teach students the how and why when it comes to following rules. That’s when Pip the Pup came to life.

Pip the Pup is an adorable spotted (Dalmatian) dog. Pip the Pup is now the classroom mascot in classrooms around the globe! Pip the Pup is known for custom mentor texts! This is books that you the teacher read aloud to the students. Instead of you telling students the rules… Pip the Pup takes over that role! You can then remind students, “Remember what Pip the Pup taught us about ___?” Basically, you can think of Pip the Pup as the furriest assistant you always needed and wanted 😉

Pip the Pup has mentor texts for just about EVERYTHING you can imagine. Pip is a very busy pup for sure! Pip the Pup has academic-based books. For example, Pip has books for letters of the alphabet, numbers, subitizing, and ordinal numbers. Pip also helps with school-related learning like learning how to use manipulatives, areas of the school/classroom, and school supplies. However, Pip the Pup covers so much more than just academics. Pip the Pup is there to help with those hard to teach concepts as well. Pip can help with emergencies, bus safety, making new friendships, responsibility, kindness, and separation. Of course Pip the Pup is there for the fun times, too! Pip the Pup has books for holidays and important events.

Pip the Pup is not only known for the mentor texts but also CERTIFICATION! That’s right! Pip the Pup means business when it comes time to get certified. Pip the Pup will teach students how to use a certain manipulative or school supply. They will then get an opportunity to get certified in that school supply by showing that they are able to use it the right way! “What did Pip teach us about glue sticks? Do we roll then on our foreheads?” (As you chuckle knowing this is 1000% possible the first week of school.) Students receive a certificate once they have shown that they can do their job with that supply/manipulative!

Pip the Pup Comprehensive Book List

I currently have 175 Pip books! WOWZA! The biggest request I get when it come to Pip is a bundle of ALL my Pip books. Unfortunately, I don’t have all of my Pip books in just one bundle. However, below I will help break down where my Pip books are found! The Pip books are embedded in several amazing programs! The books are just the cherry on top! *DOWNLOAD THIS COMPREHENSIVE VISUAL BOOK LIST HERE*

Let’s start with my FREE Pip the Pup books! I have 13 of those to share with you!

  1. Let’s Meet Pip the Pup *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*
  2. Tattling *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*
  3. Bubble Space *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*
  4. Hand Sanitizer *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*
  5. Let’s Help *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*
  6. Let’s Glue *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*
  7. Birthday *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*
  9. Learning *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*
  10. We are a Rainbow *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*
  11. Empathy *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*
  12. I am Special *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*
  13. In-Class Learning [4 versions] *DOWNLOAD FREE HERE*

Up next are the original 12 Pip the Pup books. These books are part of my Back to School Survival packet. Back to School Survival is a comprehensive program for your first week of school! It’s a life saver! *View the Back to School Packet HERE*

Let’s move to my Taking Back Weekends bundle. This bundle contains 36 Pip the Pup books- YES, 36! *View the Taking Back Weekends Bundle HERE*

The Pip the Pup Galore packet has 50 Pip books! Wow! A large part of this packet is a Pip books for all 26 letters of the alphabet! This packet also covers academics and life skills! This packet is “just” Pip books! *View Pip the Pup Galore packet HERE*

Pip the Pup Learning is an awesome packet because it is all things Pip! The packet includes 20 Pip books, Pip literacy centers, Pip math centers, and more! *View Pip the Pup Learning packet HERE*

Let’s take a look at my INSTANT Themes bundle! This bundle contains 40 Pip the Pup books! However, the Pip books are just a small part of this AMAZING bundle! This bundle also has poems, centers, crafts, dramatic play centers, real life photos, and really everything else you can imagine for teaching themes! *View the INSTANT Themes Bundle HERE*


Prepping Pip the Pup Books

You have some options for prepping your Pip books! If you are on a time crunch/would like to save on supplies, you can simply project the PDF books onto your Smartboard or interactive whiteboard. However, if you’d like to print the books you have options. Below you can see Nita used standard 3 prong folders to hold her Pip books. She cut off the front of the 3 prong folder but left a laminated front cover to the book.

Betsy spiral bound her Pip books. This is for sure a teacher favorite for prepping! The TruBind machine is a wishlist item but a great binding machine! The Proclick binder is a more cost-effective option for a personal binder!

Natalie used a comb binding machine to prep her Pip books.

Tracey used THESE presentation covers for her Pip books! This is another cost-effective idea teachers love for the Pip books!

Pip the Pup Free Downloads

I have additional Pip the Pup freebies! How about a label for all of your Pip the Pup books? Download this freebie label *HERE*

Grab these Pip the Pup label templates **HERE** These labels are hosted in Adobe Reader. You MUST use Adobe to open and edit the labels. Adobe Reader is a free download for your computer. Click the download link HERE, then you must download the file by clicking the white download arrow in the upper right hand corner. This must be done on a computer. Make sure the file opens in Adobe by right clicking on the file on your computer’s files, select open with, and choose adobe! Follow the video below!

You can snag these adorable Pip the Pup back to school postcards HERE.

I also have this adorable Pip the Pip school scavenger hunt. Download this freebie HERE.

Download these adorable free Pip the Pup certificates. I have included 3 versions: first day of school, first week of school, and first month of school. I also included multiple grade levels. Download the freebie HERE.

Classroom Binder/Packet Cover [a free download]

This free download is an Adobe Autofill doc. You will want to make sure that you first download it off Google Docs by clicking the white download arrow in the upper right hand corner. Once downloaded open the doc in Adobe and you can type in your own name. Download the freebie HERE!

In this free download, you will find back to school freebie crowns. Multiple versions included! Download those HERE!

Download this free Pip the Pip Challenge mat HERE.

In Closing

Check out some of the adorable Pip the Pup classroom mascots!


Reach out with any questions to TARA WEST LI******************@GM***.COM


  1. Just curious as to why Pip got a makeover, for example the circle from his/her(?) eye changed sides. I know the kids can’t tell the difference, but just wanted to know. Also, which picture is the more current one? Thank you, my kids love Pip!

    1. The previous Pip was only offered in one position. Sitting facing forward. I need multiple versions of Pip- walking, sitting, standing, jumping, etc. That’s why I had custom Pips made! Thanks

  2. Someone posted they gave their students Pip the Pup keychains. Do you sell those? I bought some items to try to put together my own but it isn’t working! LOL

  3. Tara, I’ve been watching your YouTube videos on the teaching of science and I noticed you had a fabulous pup the dog beanbag mascot. Could you please let me know the brand of this soft toy ?

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