Peek at my {short} week!

*Pinch me*  Yep.  It really still is back to school time for me!  I’m actually really excited for this year because I just have a feeling it is going to be GREAT! However, we had a super long summer this year…like 100 days?!  So, I’ve gotten used to lounging by the pool, staying up late, and SLEEPING IN!  I mean you thought I was going to say exercising, taking walks, and crafting? Ha!  It’s the simple things for me!  Okay, enough RAMBLING!  Monday through Wednesday are my teacher workdays and then it’s day one on Thursday!  Meet the teacher night is Monday so I am all ready for that and then will have a couple of days to do the last minute touches!  Below I will be sharing with you a few new things around my rooms and a few other random ideas!  I will also share with you my plans for the first two days!

Up first…let’s step outside of my classroom!  I found this ideas over on Amy Lemon’s blog and already had the pennant so my husband helped me cut and staple!  It looks perfect!

I also said that I wouldn’t be changing any of my bulletin boards this year, but I lied!  I swapped two of my white crinkle borders to this polka dot and burlap look!  I purchased the burlap rolls at Walmart!

Looking a little bare….on that before Thursday to do list! HA!

I also purchased new tubs for my lunch boxes and clipboards!  The labels can be found here.

I also updated my Lucky Duck cup!  If you want to snag the new freebie you can do so HERE!

I also prepped my writing folders!  We use these so we can store our abc charts and sight word lists!  I purchased the duck tape and folders at Walmart!  Last year I had four containers, but this year I am going with just a boy and girl spot!  I will pass out their folder prior to writing time…so they just have to be able to place it back in its home afterwards!


If you own any of my newly released endless bundle you might have found yourself with a lot of awesome packets but no where to store them!  I grabbed these containers from Amazon and they are worked perfectly!  I noticed the Walmart has something very similar!  They have green handles which I actually prefer over these blue handles 😛

I also switched up my crayon box buckets at each table this year!  I loved the size of my tubs last year but they were all marked up with dry erase markers…hmmm 🙂  These new colorful tubs are from Dollar Tree!

I think I’m the last one to add pom poms!  My sister passed these down to me after she left her room 😀  They look adorable!

If you own my KinderLiteracy units I wanted to pass along how I am storing those! I have labeled each tub with the unit and then placed my unit binder and the matching books for each link!  I purchased the labels here.

I did say this post would be random rigggght! HA!  Here are my meet the teacher folders for Monday evening!  You can grab the freebie reading pamphlet from Lyndsey Kuster HERE.

I also made this folder cover and my the goodies I hand out to parents on meet the teacher night for free!  You can download them HERE!

Alright, here are my plans for the first two days!  I feel like I am starting school right in the middle of a lot of you…most either already started or start after labor day! 😛  So, if you can use them that is awesome and if not next week I’ll be back with the recap of these first two days and the look at my first FULL week of school!  Woohoo!



  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I love seeing how you set up your classroom. I'm a huge fan of your blog, and all your resources! Do you have a link you can share for where you purchased the Amazon containers for your endless bundle?

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