Place Value in K!

Hi friends!  Well this week we completed our recap unit on teen numbers and place value introduction!  Be sure to view my 2 previous place value posts {here} and {here}
This week we worked on 2 fabulous hands-on place value activities, place value word problems, & more! 

  The place value word problems went really well!  They helped the students expand on their thinking.  You can see an example below!  We went through the completed problem together before the students tried one on their own. 

My students were doing really well stating, “13 is 1 group of ten and three ones.”  However, when I would say, “Johnny how many groups of ten are in the number 13?”  I would get a blank look from some or the answer “13?”  That is why I wanted to place the tens/ones T-chart on these word problem sheets!  I also made a tens/ones T-chart on my whiteboard and I said something along the lines of….If we take the number 13 and place it in this T-chart we will see that there is one group of ten and 3 ones.  I reminded the students to place the teen number in the T-chart in their head to remember how many groups of ten are in each teen number.  This REALLY helped!

Place Value Word Problem Practice Sheet

If you are interested in the place value word problem practice sheets you can click the image below to view on TpT.  They sell in a packet of 10 for $2.00

We also worked on 2 hands-on place value activities from two awesome bloggers!  The first activity is called Don’t Spill the Beans!  You can find it {here} on Kindergarten Crayons.

We also worked on Place with Marshmallows!  You can find that {here} on Babbling Abby.

We finished the week with a place value fun day!  We worked with a small group to match place cards with numeral cards, build teen numbers with tens/ones sticks, and Place Value Move it! 

Those activities are all in my new Place Value Mini Unit! It is just over 20 pages and sells for $3.00 in my TpT store!  Click below to view!

Next week we will begin our unit in addition.  I CAN NOT wait! 🙂  Happy Saturday and don’t forget to check out my 20% off sale that goes until Monday, March 11th!


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